Kayvon has earned the reputation as the “One Call Closer™” thanks to his
exceptional ability in the real world “trenches” of sales and for helping his,
private clients close their High Ticket offers in just one phone call.

The One Call-Closer™

Kayvon, a.k.a “The One Call Closer,” is one of the most recognized and in-demand sales trainers in the high-ticket space.

Over the past 19 years, Kayvon has helped 1000+ coaches, consultants, service providers, and entrepreneurs master the fundamentals of sales and close more High-Ticket sales over the phone.

He’s achieved this result for his private clients, thanks to his “One Call-Closer™” 1-on-1 private training and coaching.

The tactics and ideas that Kayvon uses in his One Call-Closer private training are techniques that took him 20 years to develop and that less than 1% of the population even know about. These techniques are also derived from him spending over 10,000 hours on sales and business trainings, courses, and seminars.

His private 1-on-1 training doesn’t just focus on how to master basic sales techniques, but his training focuses on advanced selling strategies that deliver superior knowledge and results. These techniques are so advanced that you can’t read them in a book or watch them on a video. The personalized 1-on-1 sessions will help you fully understand how to leverage the psychology of sales, marketing, and persuasive selling to help you become a Master Closer.

Kayvon is currently in the middle of writing his book called “The Sell of Your Life”.

In-Demand Keynote Speaker and Media Influencer

Kayvon has had the honor to be featured in many print, radio, and television segments and has been a guest on many podcasts, webinars, and broadcasts. He’s been featured on platforms such as Vancouver Real, Everyday Revolutions, Contractors Secret Weapon, Sitck Like Glue, It’s Time To Sell, CTV, and Global News.

He’s also been a popular in demand speaker where he’s spoken on more than 100 different stages around the world. Quite recently he spoke at the Business Expert Forum at Harvard University.

Kayvon has over 11 years of experience conducting workshops, speaking engagements, and delivering over 826 presentations.

The Journey of Starting at The Bottom to Climbing to The Top…

Kayvon’s journey to becoming a successful sales trainer didn’t happen overnight nor was it easy. He went through a lot to get to where he is today.

He started his passion for selling at the young age of 13 where he got his first sales job as a junior sales assistant at the local furniture store. It was from that experience that he wanted to pursue a passion for selling and started this never-ending pursuit of sales improvement. Up until today, he’s read over 396 sales books and has spent over $128,563 on sales trainings and seminars.

During his time at college, the Dean of Special Resources told him that he should drop out of school because of his diagnosed struggles with ADD/ADHD. It wasn’t the first time he was told to give up and quit and it will not be his last. However, that didn’t affect Kayvon and he wasn’t willing to give up.

That experience and early struggles he faced prepared Kayvon for what would come next.

And since then Kayvon has enjoyed his extraordinary success as a International Sales Trainer and has built his success becoming the #1 Sales Manager in multiple industries.

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