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Are You Frustrated By Constantly Losing Potential High Paying Clients Over The Phone?

The One Call Closer System™ is built on a unique methodology specifically designed for high-value service providers who want a steady stream of high-ticket clients – those that pay $5000-$60,000+ each for your offers.

With 20 years of experience this may be one of the most profound systems that you can implement in your selling process. With every call I have taken and even with clients I personally coached, this has been the methodology for creating 6-7 figure businesses within just 1 phone call.

Hire The Best And Only Cry Once

Are You A Coach, Consultant, or Thought Leader That Sells A High-Ticket Product or Service?

• Do you have a solid lead generation in place that gets you leads consistently but struggle with closing the sale?

• Have you used outside sales teams or a sales trainer to close your High Ticket offers but you were disappointed with the results and lack of sales?

• Are you spending endless amounts of money, energy, and resources on training your staff and new employees to get little to no return?

If so, discover why you should work with Kayvon.

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Here’s What Other Coaches, Consultants, Service Professionals, and Entrepreneurs Have To Say About Kayvon…

  • “When I first met Kayvon he came across like a true sales man, after he reversed the roles of when I was trying to sell him my program and he created a situation where it was a win win for the both of us,I just knew he was a real deal maker. Kayvon is a unique individual who will show you how to create these win wins with you and your clients. Kayvon will help you understand the phycology of sales at a deeper level. I highly recommend Kayvon and thank you for everything you do”

    Dave Rogenmoser
    Co founder of the Entrepreneur Alliance
  • “After meeting Kayvon you knew he was that type of person who has a high level of energy and you know can help. After working with Kayvon its was very clear the level of character, integrity, drive and motivation. His way of seeing the world shifted for how I handle myself and do business. Kayvon’s relentless purist of not giving up, taking massive action and always seeing the brighter way or solution to what most people would see as a problem is the difference between your success and failure. Kayvon is someone you must connect and work with”

    Corey Gladwell
    3X Best Selling Author and International Speaker
  • “I’m in my third week with Kayvon. Last week my business was struggling to attract new clients. Things weren’t looking great and our energy was really low. Following this lead and exercises I worked on my mindset and energy and ended up developing a new revenue stream and strategy. This week we have 19 meetings scheduled, closed $2000 in revenue with an additional $3000 in process. We have 14 meetings booked and it is not even about the money. The people we are attracting are some of the best people, high energy and super appreciative of our work.  It’s been amazing. In one week I’ve seen such a shift and feel really excited about out future. Can’t wait to what the next weeks bring!!!”

    Kari Thies
    Owner of Driven Personal Training and Education
  • “After meeting Kayvon he showed me the system that has helped my business close more clients with ease and precision. Kayvon is simply the sales coach everyone needs for their sales team.

    Aj Rivera
    Founder of Pt Freedom
  • “After 15 years of consulting when I got involved with the One Call Closer System, I couldn’t believe the system he developed the results I saw within 2 weeks. I closed 6 clients within the first 10 days of Kayvon’s system. If you want to take your business to the next level you have to check this program out… Kayvon you are truly the One Call Closer!”

    Frank Girard
    Marketing Expert and Coach
  • “Kayvon is one of those individuals when you meet him, You just know how much he wants to help and contribute to your success. He is contagious and passionate with an all-in attitude”

    Roger Love
    Hollywood’s #1 Vocal Coach
  • “Kayvon is a gifted individual, with a passion and desire to make a difference. his interpersonal skills, big dreams and willingness to take action to achieve them are second to none. Having known Kayvon for many years, I have learned a lot from him and would certainly recommend his program to people who want to become who they were born to be”

    Adam Mcleod
    VP sales Mattel. Inc
  • I am the founder of the Vancouver Entrepreneurs Toastmasters Club (VETC). Kayvon has been a member of VETC for several years. I have always found him to be authentic, eloquent, and enthusiastic. When he speaks, Kayvon totally engages his audience with his stories and examples and the depth and breadth of his knowledge. The VETC members simply love hi

    Roger Killen,
    Founder of TedxStanleyPark and VETC
  • Kayvon was one of the best connections that I made while studying at Laurentian! His drive to succeed and inherent ability to lead by example were shadowed only by the true strength of his character and his ability to build relationships. He always acts with extreme professionalism, and has an incredible ability to build strong relationships almost instantly. He is incredibly motivated and driven, and always looks to give his best effort in anything he does. Knowing Kayvon has been an asset to me both professionally AND personally!

    Alex Brown,
    Co Founder Dollar Beard Club

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Kayvon has Helped Thousands of Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Consultants, and Service Professionals Close More Sales in Just One Phone Call Through His Unique, Individualized 1-on-1 System and Proprietary Process.

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