Think about your friends, your acquaintances, even your family members. Now, and this might be difficult, look at the quality of people they are. I don’t mean to sound harsh and I am not saying they are “bad” people, but if they’re in average jobs, have average relationships with their significant others, are in average physical shape, and/or have an average paycheck, then you are not surrounding yourself with the right people to help you get to where you need to be. Some people lean to unhealthy habits such as poor diet, alcohol, maybe drugs, and the classic TV binging. This happens because they don’t have the people in their life I am about to tell you about.

Every leader and successful person has what I like to call their “Tribe of Five.”

1) Accountability partner

Find someone who doesn’t have a problem calling you out on your crap. When you are being lazy, messing up, or producing excuses instead of results, they don’t have a problem firmly letting you know that they see right through all of it.

It is also a person you can tell your plan and goals to. This is a great way to stay on track and hit your target. Verbalize what you need to do and by what date. They can put it in their calendar and check at a quarter, half, and 3 quarters of the way through. When the due date rolls around you will be getting that call. This works as something that sticks in the back of your head and motivates you. Subconsciously, you know that you have put it out there that you have a task to complete, and someone knows about it. This creates movement and obligation to someone other than yourself.

2) Someone to challenge you and encourage growth

This comes down to mindset. This person must be balanced in their personal life with business, family, spirituality, and health. They have the experience and can help you build up all these aspects in your life. This person should be having the conversation with you about what you’re learning, things that you’re liking vs. disliking, maybe asking you what you would change and do differently, and then offering advice and guidance. With this open and educated communication comes true growth.

Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.

Make sure you choose great minds. These people will not only have the knowledge, the ability, and the means to help you, but they will be able to show you steps and tips to insure your personal development, spiritual progress, and business growth and success. After all, the wrong people will selfishly want to keep you down. They may not openly admit it and they may even be cheering you on, but ultimately, your success is causing them uneasiness. They fear that you will catapult into financial freedom and leave them in the dust. They are comfortable with you at their level. They, are comfortable being average.

3) Mentor

This mentor must have what you want. They should not be a family member or friend. It is my recommendation that they be older and wiser than you. With this age gap comes a natural respect. This may sound redundant but this person should have a healthy relationship with their significant other, they should be physically fit, they should absolutely be successful in their business life, and thus, be living in balance. When things are balanced, it creates a natural harmony. I am a firm believer in the universe delivering to us what we emit. If things are balanced and harmonic, more will flow to us. When we have a mentor we look up to, we have the tendency to not want to disappoint them. This keeps us driven to do and be better.

4) Mentee

Find someone to teach. The best way to become an expert is to teach. The more you go over and over something to teach it to someone else, the more you fully understand it. When you teach it, you master it. Learn it, practice it, teach it, become it. This will help your confidence tremendously. Especially if your a public speaker. When you have a student or mentee, you better believe they will be asking you all sorts of questions. This will prepare you for whatever people might throw at you. Take on as many students as your time will allow without taking too much of your time away from your business. Maybe create a group of likeminded people that want to learn what you know. Hold a weekly meeting and gather together and speak about different topics where you can get better based on what they want to know. This won’t cost you anything and maybe even one day you can start to charge for your time and knowledge. Who knows. Knowledge is power.

5) Cheerleader/fan

You have got to have someone in your corner that fully supports you and your vision. No, this cannot be your mother. Even when you make mistakes, they see the bigger picture and they are there to encourage you and build you up. As I stated in my 3rd point, the universe is a powerful thing and it listens. Energy is everything and it is all around us. If you have negative people around you, negativity will find you and bad things will continuously happen. Choose positive people. This will mean letting some people go. It might hurt. This is something that you must choose. Keep the people close who are your cheerleaders. Let the rest go.

If you are diligent with surrounding yourself with the 5 types of people I have listed above, your life will change. You will start to see a shift in consciousness, success, health, relationships, spirituality, personal growth, and overall happiness. Imagine that there is a door. There is only enough room for you to go through it and on the other side is your accountability partner, your growth leader, your mentor, some mentees, and your biggest fans. You have to leave the rest behind you on the other side of the door. When you get to where you need to be, you are always able to walk back through the door to see them and love them and share with them. For now, turn the doorknob and take that first forward step.