There’s a myth about becoming a High Ticket Closer… that it comes down to having the right script (or the ability to manipulate the other person).

This isn’t only wrong, but fuels a terrible perception people have about sales.

  • That it’s only for super confident extroverts…
  • That it revolves around manipulation and black-hat tactics…
  • That it’s about greed and pushing people to ‘pull the trigger’…

Sales is about connecting the right people with the right service. Done right, it helps people grow and evolve, and take action on things they wouldn’t otherwise do. It isn’t about selling anything to anyone…

It’s about selling the right thing to the right someone.

But this doesn’t just happen. You have to work hard and truly commit to become a true high ticket closer.

You’re not born with it, you earn it and become it.

One of the biggest aspects of this — no, THE biggest aspect — centres around having the right mindset.

I won’t go too deep into mindset here, because I wrote a separate article that focuses on WHY mindset is such an important in sales. If you haven’t already read that, you may want to start there first.

Because where this articles show you HOW to make it happen…
… that articles dives into WHY it’s such a big deal to begin with 😉

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What I will say about mindset is, it’s what takes the 1% and separates them from everyone else. You don’t become a High Ticket Closer without getting your mindset on-track. It’s the foundation that sets you up for everything else. Without it, it doesn’t matter how many tips and tricks you learn.

Of course, I learned this the hard way.

In the beginning of my career, I was good at sales. I made decent money. I went to seminars and watched how the best-of-the-best did it. I learned a lot, and I did okay. But I was far from great.

(and I was nowhere near to becoming a high ticket closer — not like the one I am today!)

So what changed for me?
Well, I started to work with (and listen to) really good mentors.

They forced me to stop looking at all those hacks and quick fixes, and instead focus on my mindset. They introduced me to the same 8 Truths of Mastering Your High Ticket Closer Mindset that I’ll share with you today.

They opened my eyes.
Forced me to listen!

I hope you do the same today, as you read what comes next…

Because right now, you’re not where you want to be. Am I right?

You’re doing okay. You’re making leaps, and better off than you were last year. But it’s still a rollercoaster of ups and downs — a few steps forward followed by a couple steps back…

  • Maybe you’re stressed about money, fighting to keep your head above water each month…
  • Maybe you’re tired of having to work so damned hard for each and every sale…
  • Maybe you fail to close every call, unsure why (because you’re following all the rules)…
  • Maybe you have a great month, but then have a few bad ones (there’s no consistency)…

I’ve been there. Many times, in fact. I work with a lot of people stuck in this state, too. Before they work with me, they don’t see a way out. They start to think that this is simply how it is…

The good news is, it isn’t 🙂

At least, it doesn’t have to be like this.
But that rests on YOU; what you do next!

It all begins by laying the foundations with the right mindset.


A Quick Note Before We Continue

This article dives into HOW you can upgrade your mindset. But before the how comes the WHY, so if you’ve yet to read my other article: TBC …

Do so now. It will make what you learn in this article all the more valuable 😉

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High Ticket Closer Truth #1: Closing is a Way of Life.

If you want to not only become a master high ticket closer, but become the master of your mindset (and therefore, the master of your life), you need to change your entire outlook on sales.

  • “I don’t like sales. I’m not good at it. I only do it because I have to.”
  • “I love the work I do, but I hate having to sell it — I just wish someone else would do it for me.”
  • “I sell when I have to, but I prefer to work on other parts of my business.”
  • “I don’t ask the right questions, and seem to do nothing but create objections and resistance.”

If you’ve caught yourself saying something like this before, STOP!

Sales is a way of life.
If you want to win, you have to sell.

The art of closing isn’t something you only do sometimes… it needs to be part of you (always).

Until you flip this switch, you’ll never achieve what you could. You’re giving yourself permission to fail, and coming up with excuses before you begin. It’s a failure’s mindset. And it’s one you need to get rid of.

The difference between the best high ticket closers and everyone else is, the best-of-the-best live and breathe it. Not because they’re overly confident or cocky. Not because they have a gift for words.

It’s a way of life for them. Because they know the only way they can have a truly massive impact on those they serve is, if they get them to invest into taking the next steps.

High Ticket Closer Truth #2: Master the Fundamentals.

One of the biggest mistakes salespeople make (and most people, in general) is that they want to skip to the finish line.

I work with people who ask me in our first session about:

  • How to close a deal…
  • How to overcome objections.
  • What script they should use…
  • How to speak to different types of personalities…

They want all the sizzle and glory, but are often unwilling to put in the hard work.

This is now how it works! If you want a high ticket closer mindset, you NEED to master the fundamentals and learn how to do the small, seemingly insignificant steps better than anyone else.

The best athletes in history — I’m talking, Tiger Woods, Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, Roger Federer — didn’t become great because of unique talent. They became the best because they put in the work.

They did what 99% of people refuse to do. They mastered the fundamentals, obsessed over them and found new ways to find a new level beyond that.

If you want to become a high ticket closer — one of the best — you need the same obsession as Jordan, Woods and Brady. You need to live it, and immerse yourself into it.

You need to know those fundamentals like they are part of you.
Until you do, you’ll only ever be good (at best).

High Ticket Closer Truth #3: Show up 100%!

It’s amazing how many people think they’re a pro, just because it’s their job.

I’ll be honest with you right now… just because you sell to your customers, doesn’t make you a pro. Even if you’re good at sales — and you make a lot of money from doing it — it doesn’t make you a pro.

If you want to become a high ticket closer, you need to show up with your A-Game:

  • Every Sales Call.
  • Every meeting.
  • Every morning, as you prepare yourself.
  • Every night, before you go to bed.
  • Every conversation… every email… every article you write!

If you don’t show up with 100% effort each time, you’re falling short of being a pro. The best athletes are those that turn up to training with the same intensity as they do for the big game. They only know one way of working, and it’s with the dial turned up to 100.

You want to master sales, you need the same commitment and discipline.

High Ticket Closer Truth #4: Stay Creative (always!)

“What script should I use?” is what just about everyone I ever meet asks me…

Once they hear I’m good at sales, and that I’ve had massive success doing it, they want an insight into how I do it. They assume it’s a script, tip, trick or hack.

They want it to be that easy, because if was, they’d be able to do it too.

Everyone wants a shortcut to success.
But come on… you know this isn’t how it works.

Do I have a process I follow? Yes.
Do I have scripts and templates? Of course.

If you work with me, and enroll in my course, I give them to you (all of them)!

But having access to this doesn’t make you a high ticket closer. You don’t instantly become a pro. To have that mindset, you need to go into every single call ready to go off script and improvise. You need to wake up each day, ready to try something new, get creative and rewrite the rules.

You need to be (and stay) creative every single day!

Each time you think you have a proven process that works, it’s time to step back and think how you could make it better. Because those who don’t are those who get passed by.

Someone younger, hungrier and more creative will come along and overtake you…

Want to know how I’ve found so much success over the years? I’ve passed those ahead of me while they took their eye off the ball. I got creative, where they sat back and relaxed.

Once you figure you have it ‘figured out’, it’s game over!

High Ticket Closer Truth #5: Be (and stay) Organized.

I’m amazed how often I meet people who think mastery just happens.

They assume the best-of-the-best were always the best That they can turn up to the big game and do it with no preparation. That it all comes natural to them — no hard work or commitment…

Hell no!

Those at the top of their game are highly organized. They have routines and a schedule. They make it look easy, because they turn up more organized than everyone else.

The same eye to details applies to sales.
I don’t just turn up to a call and ‘wing it’.

I’m organized. I do my research. I have a pre-sales routine, and I live-and-die by certain habits that set me up for true success. Each day, I know what I’m about to do before I do it.

This is how I make it look easy. You can do the same, but you have to make it easy by being (and staying) organized. This is the mindset of a high ticket closer. Sure, they have experience and probably ‘could’ show up and wing it. But they don’t, because that’s what amateurs do.

No matter what the call, they go through their routine. They stick to their habits. They follow the process, and they stay organized at each step.

High Ticket Closer Truth #6: Take Ownership of your Outcomes.

I used to struggle with this. I didn’t know it at the time, but I did this almost all the time…

I played the victim!

Quit playing the victim. Own your outcome no matter what. Understand your pain!

You are where you are now because of you.
However good or bad it is, it is on YOU!

When you do something amazing, own it; celebrate.
When you fail or make a mistake, own it; learn.

A high ticket closer is someone who owns their outcome. They don’t blame other people. They don’t expect other people to do it for them. They don’t expect anything.

All they do is turn up with their A-Game, ready for whatever comes next.

They own it, always.
Good, bad, whatever…

You have to take ownership of your outcomes. Once you do, you flip a switch in your mindset. It’s crazy how powerful this change in state of mind is. You go from someone who sits back waiting, to a person who steps up and takes what they need.

The only person who can achieve what you want is, you.
So quit looking to other people… own it; become it!

High Ticket Closer Truth #7: Acquire an Insatiable Appetite For Success.

It’s strange, but you imagine the best sales people in the world to be obsessed about money… right?

No. This isn’t what I’ve found.

When I’ve worked with, and met the likes of Anik Singal, Fred Lam, Peter Sage, Carolin Soldo and Tom Wang — they don’t focus on the money.

Don’t get me wrong, these guys like money. They have it, and they want more of it.

But it isn’t what drives them to do what they do. It’s not what motivates them to push the boundaries and continue to challenge themselves every single day.

What does, is an insatiable appetite for success.

They’re warriors, winners and masters of their craft. They see what they do as an art form. They push out of their comfort zone because they want to prove they have what it takes.

This is the sort of appetite you need. To become a high ticket closer goes way beyond selling. It’s much more than the skills, talent and commitment you need to get to the top of your game (and stay there).

It’s the ability to push to a new level, even when you think you’re at the top.
It’s the dedication to go one step further, even if you don’t financially have to.

You’re a warrior, and you live for the battle.

High Ticket Closer Truth #8: You’re Always Representing Something Bigger Than Yourself

Following on from the above point, you need to do what you do beyond the money it gives you.

Money is important.
I love money.
I LOVE what it affords me to do.

But it isn’t the money that drives me each day. I’ve yet to meet a high-ticket closer motivated by this. Instead, a high ticket closer is pushing for something far beyond what they themselves represent.

  • What’s your vision?
  • What’s your purpose?
  • What’s the ONE impact you’ll have on this world?

Each one of us gets one life. That’s it. What you do with it is up to you. If all you think about is money, you’ll likely never rise to the top of your industry. You need to represent something much bigger.

Once you do, you take what you do to the next level.

This is why I’ve started writing articles like this one. After years of working with the best in my industry, I’ve learned how to do it the right way (and how to avoid the big mistakes almost everyone makes).

I still work with people 1-1, but I have a desire to help A LOT more people than that. Articles like this allow me to achieve my mission, as does the Private Community I’ve established for my fellow Sales Experts, Coaches, Consultants and Service Providers looking to Master the Art of High Ticket Sales.

This free community is for those who want to take what they’ve read about here and put it to practice.

If you’ve taken value from this article, I invite you to join us.

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The time has come for you to become a high ticket closer who creates the impact you desire. No more playing small. No more holding yourself back. Mindset is where it begins, but it’s not the end…

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