There’s a reason why most salespeople and ‘closers’ fail when on a sales call — and why humans, in general, fail in the everyday…

It has nothing to do with talent or a particular skill-set (despite what all the ‘experts’ say).

The single, biggest #1 reason people fail is due to their inability to connect with other people.

Communication. Empathy. Understanding. Simple basic human needs that we all have. Is it any wonder most relationships today are so shallow and fragile?

These struggles follow you into business.
It’s never more apparent than when you’re on a sales call.

We all yearn for connection in our lives. In the office or at home, we need it. Without true connection, you’ll always struggle to make the ‘close’. It’s often the biggest difference between Elite High-Ticket Closers and everyone else.

Those at the top have the ability to connect with those they meet.
They listen. They understand. They “connect” with them.

It’s powerful. Connecting with other people allows us to share parts of ourselves – parts we’ve sometimes hidden deep beneath our fears and insecurities. It not only serves the other person, but it serves you: makes you better, more present and capable of pushing to the next level.

We confront our own fears, as well as helping our prospects face theirs. And when we let go of these fears, and learn to trust other people and share ourselves deeply, this is when we find true connection…

I’ve experienced this first-hand, as I’ve built meaningful relationships throughout my career. I’ve seen this in other people, as I’ve worked with them 1-1 to face their own fears and improve their sales game.

It doesn’t matter who you are, or who you’re selling to.
Connection is KEY — but most people go about it all wrong.

Because most have no idea who the person they’re speaking to is…

The 4 Sales Personality Types

After 20 years of perfecting my own sales game, I’ve realized there are four main sales personality types.

Once I cracked the code on these four personality types, I was able to connect more deeply with my prospects, friends, family and even strangers.

I found myself able to influence people more, and take control of the conversation. This allowed me to understand both myself and the other person, resulting in deep, long-lasting relationships.

I started to appreciate my own personality type.
I was able to spot someone else’s in a matter of minutes.

The good news is… anyone can learn how to do this.

That’s what this article is all about 😉

Sit back, grab your notepad and prepare yourself to close more deals, create more connections and connect with people on a deeper level (in all walks of life).


The first step is to identify their sales personality type.

There are four:THE ACHIEVER

Also known as Type A, The Controller, Ruby, Gold and The Sentinel.

This type of person is:

  • Task-oriented
  • Focussed on bottom-line results
  • Self-motivated
  • Forward-looking
  • A fast decision-maker
  • Initiates activities
  • Highly disciplined
  • Manages self and others


Also known as Type C, Emerald, Green and The Analyst.

This person is:

  • Objective
  • Conscientious
  • Defines and clarifies
  • Concerned with accuracy
  • Gathers needed information
  • Tests data against rules
  • Maintains high standards
  • Assesses risk


Also known as Type D, The Supporter, Pearl, Blue and The Diplomat.

This person is:

  • Dedicated and committed
  • A loyal team member
  • A good listener
  • Patient
  • Good at mediation
  • Cause-oriented
  • Dependable
  • Globally-conscious


Also known as Type B, The Promoter, Sapphire, Orange and The Explorer.

This type of person is:

  • High energy
  • Enjoyable to be around
  • Creative and has a vast imagination
  • The one who initiates relationships
  • Motivating
  • Competitive
  • Goal-oriented
  • A networker / connector

Whoever your prospect is, they will fit into one of these sales personality types. They may overlap two, or even three of them. But most likely, they’ll favor one over all others.

This is your first step… to highlight who they are.
Once you have, you must then turn attention on yourself.


As important as it is for you to identify their sales personality type, you must also understand and appreciate your own.

Are you:

  • The Achiever?
  • The Analyzer?
  • The Advocator?
  • The Ambassador?

Read the above again, and get a clear understanding of how each one works.

Chances are you’ll struggle to hone in on the one you fit under. In fact, you may find yourself relating to two, three or even all four.

Don’t worry. I have you covered.
We’ve created a Simple Test you can take, specifically for this.


By taking this short quiz, you’ll determine your sales personality type in less than 5 minutes!

Once you have, the real fun begins…


Knowing your own sales personality type is one thing, and having a clear idea of who your prospect is, too. But it means little unless you understand how they work.

Each personality type acts, reacts and thinks in a unique way. When you’re on a call or meeting with someone, it’s important you appreciate how they work.

This allows you to adapt your own style and anticipate their objections and resistance, and because you appreciate what your own personality type is, you can adjust your entire approach and begin to ask the right questions.

Here’s an overview of each sales personality type, and how they interact with others.


  • Likes to control others
  • Domineering
  • Distorts the truth
  • Coercive
  • Impatient
  • Contentious
  • High pressure
  • Aggressive


  • Over-analyzes decisions
  • Lacks creativity
  • Data-bound
  • Elaborate
  • Slow to progress
  • Nit-picking
  • Critical
  • Uncomfortable with risk


  • Struggles to lead others
  • Self-denying
  • Easily influenced
  • Overcommitted
  • Passive
  • Doubting
  • Self-deprecating
  • People pleaser


  • Flighty and unreliable
  • Aimless
  • Easily agitated
  • Lack of conviction
  • Melodramatic
  • Deluded or confused
  • Inconsistent
  • Manipulative

Now you’ve read these four lists, read them again!

Really, truly understand how each sales personality type works. Print them off and stick them on your wall. Get to know them better than you know yourself.

Think about your own personality type, and the traits you show the most.

The more you understand yourself and the other person, the better you can take control of the sales call.


The next step in this process is to understand the differences between each sales personality type.

Some are clear and obvious.
Others are more subtle.

It’s important to not only understand how each one works, but the differences between them. Again, this allows you to take control of the sales call, and appreciate what’s going on in their head.

You’re on their level. You can listen more clearly. You “hear” what they have to say, and because you step into their shoes, you “feel” their pain. This builds trust and rapport. This is what nobody else does.

Meaning once YOU do, you stand out for all the right reasons:

Again, once you’ve read the above, READ IT AGAIN.

Putting in the work here makes all the difference. It allows you to adapt on the sales call, instantly. As you listen and learn about them and their business, you can connect the dots.

  • What triggers them.
  • What motivates them.
  • How (and what) they measure progress.
  • What they need to save.
  • What they need to learn/make more of.

You develop the mindset you need to become an Elite, High Ticket Closer.

Finally, this whole process returns back to you.


There are two people on a sales call.

Your job is to listen and guide them, so you can better understand their pain — and what their solution is. But all the while you remain you. You can adapt and adjust, but you are who you are. Your strengths are your strengths, and your weaknesses are your weaknesses.

If you’re an Achiever, embrace it.
If you’re an Ambassador, embrace that.

It isn’t that one sales personality type is better than another. They all have many benefits, and they each have flaws. All you can do is embrace who you are. As long as you understand what you do (and why you do it), you can remain in control.

With this matrix, you can clearly see how to get the desired outcome each time.

Again, re-read this a few times over. Print it off. Have it on hand. Appreciate how each relationship differs, and how YOU can take control of the situation no matter what.

  • NOT so you can manipulate…
  • NOT so you can sell and take-take-take…
  • NOT so you can feel powerful and dominant…

Rather, so you can help them on a deep level. So you can CONNECT with them in a way so few people try to. So you can start a relationship in the best possible manner, and have a huge impact thereafter.

This is the mindset you need if you want to truly succeed in the long-term.


If you do not do this, you back yourself into a corner and will ultimately act like most other salespeople.

You will not become an Elite, High Ticket Closer.
You will not build trust, rapport and deep relationships.

What we’ve discussed today focuses on sales, but this applies to ALL relationships.

  • At home, with your partner
  • Your friends and family.
  • Your employees, business partners and peers.

Not taking the time to understand your own personality type does you and everyone around you a disservice. Not taking into account their own, increases the likelihood of misunderstanding, miscommunication and conflict.

Use it.

Until you do, you’ll enter sales calls blind, working from scripts that work a fraction of the time. Instead of building trust, you’ll build resentment and skepticism.

You won’t listen to the other person. You won’t care.
You will be like everyone else. You will remain stuck in scarcity.

Learning this process, flips the script.

You listen, care and understand the other person on a deep level.
You replace scarcity with abundance, and are full of positivity.

Which would you rather be? Which would you rather have?
When they’re on a call with you… which would help your prospect the most?

I hope you’ve taken a lot from this article. I hope you’ve learned something you haven’t previously, or maybe you have, but this has connected with you in a way that inspires you to take ACTION.

Because reading means little if you don’t then DO the work.
So I challenge you right now… TO ACT and TAKE ACTION!

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If you’re not ready to take action, no need to apply. If you hope to read something and then expect miracles, no worries. Good luck. But if you’re ready to take the next steps so you can understand these sales personality types and apply them to your ever-growing skill-set…

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