Do you ever get the urge to jump into a commission based sales job? If you are already in one, do remember what it was that made you get into it in the first place? I do. I was 13 years old and my Uncle owned a high-end furniture store. He showed me how to make sales. I was hooked.

Most people think about it. They’re scared. They think about it some more. They ignore the signs. Then some of them finally take the plunge into the sales world.

I’m not saying sales is for everyone. In fact, some people should not be anywhere near sales! I just know that for us in this industry, sales is something we can truly count on to get what we want, and where we want to go.

In fact, I know many people who may or may not be in a sales role… but one thing I do know in life is everything you want is a sale and everything you get is your commission. I don’t care if you are the stay home mom, a nurse, maybe even a hair stylist. The reality is, your selling someone on your idea or they are selling you! It is important to understand and know the fundamentals of selling and why sales people are the drivers of this world.

I used to drive my parents and other adults crazy. I had no fear, I was confidant around grown-ups, and I didn’t like to take no for an answer.

If any of these ten signs resonate with you, you just might be ready for the sales world.

1: You are sociable and like to talk to random strangers in public

If you’re like me, when you’re out and about running errands or out for a bite to eat, you talk to whoever is around you. You’re not scared of random conversation and this is something you can capitalize on in sales. When you dive into the sales world, 99-100% of people you deal with will be strangers. If conversation flows organically, you have a gift. This is what your prospect will see as authenticity.

2: You’re game for good old competition

People who have played or currently play sports do well in sales. Being in a commission-only sales job is as risky as it gets. You’re competing for your your life(livelihood) that you can close a sale better than your competition. This takes a competitive edge and if you’re a seriously competitive person, you’ve got a good chance of closing deals.

3: You’re open to taking direction

It doesn’t matter where your skill level is at, there’s always someone selling more then you. In the beginning, anyway. Let those people give you guidance and direction. Learn from them, listen to them, mimic what they do. If you have a delicate ego and think you know it all, you WILL NOT make it in sales. You must be coachable and be willing to learn.

4: You have an abundance of energy

Are you able to wake up early? Maybe even start your day with a workout? Do you go hard all day; look up and its already 4 o’clock when you realize you haven’t even taken a break? This is a rare gift you need to apply to sales my friend! I’m lucky because I have ADHD working with me in the office. Other people may have the help of caffeine, or just be plain gifted. Sales can take a toll on you. Energetic people typically sell the most and do better than their competitor.

5: You don’t mind hearing “No”

If you have mastered the art of not taking anything personal, sales is for you. Rejection is just a part of the game. You’re not going to sell 100% of your product or service. It’s never been done. You can’t please everyone. SO, if you don’t get discouraged easily, if hearing a NO motivates you to work harder, make more calls, follow up on leads, revisit old leads in your pipeline, get into sales!

6: You are a good organizer/problem solver

Are you that person that gets shit done when it needs to get done? Do you organize your friends’ concert tickets? When people are in a jam are you always the one to come through and work it out? What’s happening on the weekend? Wait…you got it covered. You will do amazing in sales! Sales is finding people’s pain and providing them with a solution. After all, they have a problem they don’t want, and they need a solution they don’t have. You enter here with your solution to ease their pain.

7: You’re not an “Over-Analyzer”

You let conversations flow through you and you absorb the key elements that will benefit both you and the prospect. Let the rest go. You simply take the action necessary to make the client happy and close the sale. You learn from your mistakes and experiences and continue to improve. There are no certain set of rules or one perfect script to recite to your prospects. You simply have to take action and see what organically works for you.

8: You have an addictive personality

The sale is like a drug to me. I get that dopamine rush and I want more. Whether your addicted to adrenalin, gambling, working, travel, the gym, whatever. You most likely will excel is sales. The close of a sale is a common addiction, and it’s a healthy one that will pay off. Big time. If you have an unhealthy addiction such as drinking or drugs, sales can be a rewarding escape. Change your life and get addicted to the close!

9: You’re a connector/messenger

I like to think of myself as a bit of a messenger. I love to help people and introduce them to others that might help them in their business life. If you love to network and always seem to have the connections when people need them, you need to put that into action to get yourself deals and make that commission!

10: You appreciate money

I’m sorry (not sorry) but money sure does buy happiness. Options make me happy. Money buys options. Money buys travel. Money buys delicious food. Money allows me to take whatever days off I want without having to “bank holiday days.” With sales, you have the opportunity to make all the money you want, there are NO limits. The next time you see that couple walking into that high-end restaurant after valeting their Maserati, chances are they are in sales.

You’re probably here reading this because you’re not currently in a state of financial freedom and you are curious about this abundant world of sales…that is if you haven’t already found it. Figure out what you would be strong at selling. Doesn’t matter what it is. If you love and believe in your product and there is a need for it you can be successful!

Take a shot at it. Always be open to getting yourself a business coach or a mentor. I know if it wasn’t for my mentors, I would not be where I am today.