If I was to tell you the key to closing high-ticket sales was about asking the “right” questions, you wouldn’t be surprised, right?

After all, you already know Question-Based Selling is the best way to sell.

But what if I told you, you were doing it wrong?
And that you weren’t the only one…
And that in reality, 90% of people get it completely wrong…

Well, this is what I see all the time: otherwise talented salespeople massively impacting their closing rate by asking the wrong questions.

Done right, question based selling can become your superpower.
But done wrong, it can develop into your biggest weakness.

This may come across confrontational, I know. But this is the reality none of the experts tell you. They focus only on how powerful Question Based Selling is. Which I get, because there are many benefits.

It helps you understand your prospect’s:

That last one — PAIN — is a big one.
(which we’ll come to soon)

But all of this only covers part of the process. It’s the obvious bit that everyone does.

What people forget to pay attention to is HOW to ask the right questions, and to truly understand what these “right” questions are (and why they’re so important).

Because asking questions is easy… Anyone can do it.
The secret is knowing which ones to ask, and when.

The Problem with Question-Based Selling

Done right, you’ll close more deals than you ever have before. Done wrong, it will blow up in your face. This is the risk and reward of Question-Based Selling. But the “experts” only tell you about the latter.

It’s not enough to sit there and ask questions. If you have a list of them in front of you, and you read from a script, you’ll fail.

  • Instead of building trust, you create skepticism.
  • Instead of closing the deal, you invite objections and resistance.
  • Instead of solving their problems, you highlight more of them.

Instead of learning about what your prospect needs (and how you can truly serve them), you force them into having what you want them to have. This is not the point.

And this IS NOT how a high-ticket closer approaches a sales call.

The Problem with Having an Agenda

Most of these problems come down to you entering the sales call with an agenda. If you do this, you’ve failed before you’ve even begun.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t turn up prepared (you should).
I’m not saying you shouldn’t have an end-goal in mind (you need to).

But an agenda doesn’t serve you. And the reason is simple…

It backs you into a corner. The moment the call steers off course, you panic. You become desperate. Instead of listening to your prospect, you try force them into what you want.

This is not a good mindset to have (as I explain in this article).

Which you aren’t… right? You want to become a truly gifted, elite high-ticket closer who provides massive value to those you serve. If this isn’t you, stop reading because you’re in the wrong place.

Assuming you are, keep going because I want to show you how to approach Question Based Selling the right way — the approach I have used to become the closer I am today, and the approach I use with my 1-1 clients, to help them take their sales to the next level and leave the feast or famine life behind.

Question-Based Selling Comes Down to TIMING…

I’ve worked with dozens of talented closers over the last decade, and one of the most common questions they ask me is…

      “Kayvon, how do I know when the time is right to start asking questions?”

I smile. I take a deep breath, and pause for dramatic effect. And then I massively underwhelm them by saying, “It’s ALWAYS the right time to ask questions.”

The moment your sales call begins, is the moment you enter Question Based Selling mode.

It isn’t about when to ask questions, it’s about knowing HOW to — and appreciating which ones to ask, and most important of all… WHY that question is the most important question to ask.

This is the mindset you need to get into. It’s about knowing which question is the question to ask right now. This is why entering a sales call with an agenda is suicide. It backs you into a corner, and it backs your prospect into one.

Overcoming this is simple…

Question-Based Selling Comes Down to LISTENING…

Want to know the secret to Question-Based Selling?


That’s your job. Your role as an Elite Closer is to listen to your prospect. Listen to what they have to say. CARE. Truly care about what they’re telling you. Listen to understand. It isn’t about getting them to do what you want them to do.

Having an agenda, or a specific product you want to sell them does not serve them.

This is what so many salespeople do, and this is why most NEVER become an Elite Closer.

Because an Elite Closers cares about their prospect. They listen. They listen to understand their pain. They don’t sit there, thinking about what to ask three questions from now. They don’t read off a script, or work through a list of pre-written questions.

They don’t use manipulation, or try to trick their prospect.

They listen. That’s it. Listening is one of the most powerful tools you have. When you listen properly, the sales often closes itself. Because when you listen, you understand.

And when you understand, it becomes clear what the “right” question you need to ask is…

Question-Based Selling Comes Down to PAIN…

Beyond listening to them, your job is to help your prospect understand their pain.

The best closers are less like salespeople, and more like therapists. You listen. You care. You then ask questions. These questions are designed to help highlight their pain, realize what it is and illuminate the solution they need.

This is how you can help.
Done right, you can change their life forever!

But not all pain is the same (as I discuss in this article, where we dive into the 3 Levels of Pain).

There are 3 Levels:

As you listen to your prospect, they’ll tell you about their ‘Ego Pain’. To them, this is all that matters. But you know better than this. You know the only thing that does matter, is getting to ‘The Emotional Pain’.

But this only ever happens when YOU ask the RIGHT questions.

Question-Based Selling and The 3 Levels of Pain Points

I won’t go deep into these 3 Level of Pain Points here. To understand these better, check out this separate article. The aim here is to show you how Question-Based Selling works alongside these pain points — and how you can use questions to guide your prospect to what they need.

Ego Pain

This is what your prospect will focus on. As you begin to talk about them and their business, they’ll start to tell you what they “think” their biggest pain and problem is.

The thing is, it rarely is…
It tends to be nothing but Ego Pain.

For instance, they may say something along the lines of:

“My Facebook Ads aren’t working. It’s causing me a lot of problems, and I need to fix them as soon              as possible”

This is a problem, but it isn’t their main one. It’s Ego Pain; surface level stuff.
And it’s YOUR job to help them see this, and get them to the next stage: their Intellectual Pain.

“Okay, I hear you. From the sounds of things, your Facebook Ads are broken. I imagine that’s creating some strain on your business. Is it costing you money? What effect is it having on your lead generation?”

To begin with, reflect what they say.
Show them that you hear them.

And then, push them to go deeper…

Intellectual Pain

Whatever their problem is, there’s almost always a level of Intellectual Pain.

  • Financial
  • Lead generation
  • Time / Productivity
  • Team / Hiring
  • and so on…

Deep down, your prospect knows this. They’re intellectually aware of this pain, but they mask it with their Ego. Why? It’s easier. This sort of pain hits hard, and requires them to take real action.

As such, they resist it.

But as important as intellectual pain is, it’s rarely the most important form.

It doesn’t get you to the root cause.
Yet the root cause is where you need to get to.

For this, you need to uncover their Emotional Pain.

This is where you need to get to, but again, your prospect won’t take you there. It’s your role to listen, reflect and then continue to ask the “right” questions.

“Yeah, it’s costing me $1,000 per month at the moment. It feels like a complete waste of money. It’s also affecting our revenue, because I was expecting it to have at least a 2-3X ROI. So as well as it                 costing me money, it’s having an effect on the money coming in.”

As they tell you about their intellectual pain, listen. Listen so you can understand them and their business.

“So as well as this costing you $1,000 per month, it’s costing you $2-3k per month in potential sales. Is that right? I imagine that’s a big strain on you. How does that make you feel? Is it having an effect on you at home? Is this worry stopping you from doing certain things, or making other investments?

Dive deeper into what their true pain is. Once you do, the real power of Question-Based Selling kicks in.

Emotional Pain

Welcome to the promise land. Once you get here, you learn about what’s really holding them back.

“It’s hard. I feel like I’m doing everything myself, but nothing is working as I want it to. I’m always hustling to make ends meet, and I go home and feel like shit. I’m under pressure. I can never  switch off.”

They begin to let you in, and all you have to do is continue to listen and take it on board.

“That must be painful. How long have you felt like this?”

Before long, they start to share certain Mindset Blocks and Limiting Beliefs. You begin to understand their true personality. You’ll likely learn things about them that they haven’t told anyone else.

Often, they won’t be aware they feel this way.

Because they’ve never faced it; always pushed it to one side and kept busy with their work.

It isn’t about asking questions. It isn’t about having a script, or a list of topics to work from. It isn’t about having an agenda, and trying to get your prospect to go down a path you want them to.

Yet this is what so many of the so-called experts tell you.
They say that if you ask questions, you’ll win big.

But questions on their own only leads you to that Ego Level Pain that doesn’t matter.

At best, you’ll help them put a temporary bandage over the pain.
At worst, you’ll sound like everyone else and lose all their trust.

The only thing that matters is to ask the right question. This only happens when you… LISTEN!

Until you flip the script and start asking the right questions, you’ll struggle to become the elite closer you’re destined to be. The good news is, you can do this. You can listen. You can separate yourself from your competitors by simply giving a shit about your paper writing help prospect.

The bar is set so low.
Most people only care about themselves.

Be different. Be the closer who cares.

Of course, reading this article doesn’t give you everything you need. Knowledge is power, but only if you do something with it. The harsh reality is, most people read and then let it become a forgotten memory.

That’s why I’ve created a free community for those looking to take action!

This private mentorship group gives you access to me and other high-ticket closers. It’s a place to ask questions and surround yourself with people who force you to level-up.

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Question-Based Selling is one of the most powerful tools in your tool-kit, but only if you use the right questions. I hope you understand this after reading this article. But to ensure you truly understand the questions you need to ask, I invite you to join this Private Mentorship Group.

On your own, you only go so far. Surrounded by the right people, you’ll get to where you need to get to.


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