Check Out These 5 Tips That are Proven to Generate Ten New Leads in Less Than 30 Days.

Are you in a new industry, starting a new job, or selling a new product? If you are stressing about making that cash flow sooner than later, you have got to implement these 5 tips that have saved my ass over and over. Believe me, they are worth the time and effort and will end in you making sales. You need to build yourself a solid sales pipeline and start closing yesterday.

From being a Sales Trainer for Real Estate Agents, a Mortgage Franchise Recruiter, to Pharmaceutical Sales, each transition had me working my ass off, dialing for dollars, to building a new sales pipeline that would eventually be proven to generate sales.

The tips I am about to share with you have worked not only for me in the different industries I have been in, but I now consult my current clients to follow these steps and their sales have gone through the roof. You can be closing your clients in no time, in any sales job, if you really follow the steps below. All of this aside…The only thing that matters, is if you made the sale. No one cares about anything else!

Step #1: Blast your e-mail list!

I will get this one thing off my chest now: PLEASE avoid SPAM…I can guarantee it will be bad for business.

Ok, one more thing…I am also not suggesting that you go out and buy a list and e-mail that either. There are many other great ways to send out a blast e-mail without looking desperate for dollars or pissing people off. E-mail people who will actually read your e-mail and who might share it or even take action.

Now that we have that clear, lets dive into it.

Send this e-mail out to your existing contacts. If you don’t have much of a list built up and you are with a new company, ask them if they can provide one to you.

The contents of this e-mail should be clear and concise. State the facts. Say that you are in a new place, starting a new industry, have a great vision for the future of _____ (share it if you believe your new endeavor will make a positive impact or difference) and lastly, that you can benefit them or perhaps someone they know. Be sure not to include WHY you changed industries or jobs, WHY this new company is better, and PLEASE DO NOT EVER TALK ABOUT WHY YOU NEED TO MAKE SALES!!!

Now, when you get replies, even ones just saying “congratulations” make sure you follow up on every single one of them. Treat every response as if it is a hot lead.

Step #2: Videos!!

Sounds easy, but believe me, it’s not as easy as just turning on your camera and filming…it always will take you more time than you anticipate. Make the time for this crucial step. If your nervous in front of the camera, tough. This is something that you must do.

Try to avoid talking about yourself or convincing them why your good or why they should believe you. Don’t tell, sell. Simple. Keep it about the product or service and how it is benefiting people and businesses. Send the right message. Remember the “pain” I have talked about that your prospect has? You need to show them in your videos, that you have the solution to their problem.

Video testimonials are never a bad idea either.

Step #3: Online groups

Join a forum or online group with a community of people that share a common interest. Getting involved and more importantly being active is key. You will not only meet people that want what you have, but you will also have the conversation around what is working and what is not working for people in your industry. It can also be a great way to get ideas and browse for online groups that will have your prospects. Huge platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn have these types of groups. (We’ll get into Social Media in my next step) Once you immerse yourself into these groups, contribute to the conversation that is flowing, and make a few contacts. Don’t be asking for business until you have earned the right to. Read, talk, learn, grow, then prove your authority. Start by joining The Real Sales Real Talk Community.

Step #4: Social media

We are so fortunate to live in a time where we have access to literally the entire world. Shake things up. Share the videos you make within your social media circle. Contact your e-mail list and let them know where they can find you on social media and to share with their friends. Get your message out to whatever audience you have. It’s insane how many different angles there are on social media to prospect with. Find your competitor’s fan pages and hit up the bad reviewers. They are always happy to share someone or something that’s better when they are unhappy with an inferior product or service.

Step #5: Online advertising

You don’t necessarily have to spend a ton of money to get yourself out there. Sites like Facebook, Google, and Twitter can get you in front of thousands of potential prospects for just a few dollars a day. If you do it right (maybe seek guidance) you can literally set up a $5 a day campaign that will get you leads!

The days of cold calling, pounding the pavement, mailing, spam e-mailing, and whatever other things sales people once did that took up far too much time, are a thing of the past. They are nowhere near as time or cost effective as online advertising. There is a difference between being busy vs. being productive. Why not let $5 a day be busy for you while you are being productive closing sales.

Starting a new job or building a new business can be tough.

It can take a toll on your relationship, your confidence, and stress you out. The best way to get through this and get your confidence back is to make sales. The quickest way to get those sales flowing through your new pipeline is to follow these steps. You will get your leads knocking on your door and its then time to convert those leads into sales. Get yourself back on track and start living the life you deserve.