There is one asset you own that’s more important than any other…

Your Mindset!

Mindset directs much of your life, and in sales it’s your money mindset that determines how successful you are. I meet people all the time that say things like:

“You either have it or you don’t,” or
“Some people have a gift for selling, but most people don’t (and never will).”

It drives me insane. Few people are born with a gift for sales, and even those who do have this gift, have to work hard to become great. It’s a talent and skill anyone can learn, as long as you’re committed to making it work.

I’ve seen this happen firsthand. I’ve spent the last decade working with people to improve their sales.

  • I’ve seen those who couldn’t ever sell anything, go to selling almost anything in a few weeks…
  • I’ve watched people with no confidence, flip the switch and take complete control…
  • I’ve experienced people with no so-called sales skills become master high-ticket closers…

Every transformation I’ve witnessed began with mindset. Without the right mindset it’s like turning up to battle each day with one hand tied behind your back. It’s a constant struggle, and each win is hard to come by. This is especially true in sales, but it’s not like it’s the only industry where mindset matters.

  • Read any book about the Navy Seals, and you’ll notice how they say it’s mindset that separates those who get through training vs those who don’t.
  • Watch an interview with an elite athlete, and you’ll see them talk about their work ethic, commitment and mindset.
  • The best actors (the ones who win the top awards) are those who immerse themselves 100% into the role.

The same applies in business. The most successful entrepreneurs are those who master their mindset. It’s mindset that takes the 1% and separates them from everyone else. It’s not to say you can’t be successful with a poor mindset, but everything is harder than it has to be.

Yet you want to make your life easier, right?
You want to WIN BIG without sacrificing freedom, time and happiness… right?

Of course you do, and it’s mindset that decides whether you do or don’t…

This is how I became a high-ticket closer. For years, I was like everyone else. I was good at sales, but I wasn’t great. At first, I figured I needed more tricks and tips. But then I began working with world class mentors who sat me down and said, “Kayvon, what holds you back is up here.”

Tapping me on the forehead, they forced me to look deep inside and question my money mindset. I might not be sat next to you right now able to tap you on your head, but that’s what I want to do with this article.

I want to open your eyes.
I want you to sit up and listen!

Because you’re not where you want to be… am I right?

You’re doing okay, and you’re better today than you were this time last year. But you’re still lacking and struggling and wish you had more…

Maybe you’re stressed about money, fighting to keep your head above water each month…
Maybe you’re tired of having to work so damned hard for each and every sale…
Maybe you turn up to each sales call nervous, worried and full of doubt…
Maybe you fail to close every call, unsure why (because you’re following all the rules)…

If you can relate, you’re not alone. I’ve been there, and I meet a lot of people (just about everyone I have ever worked with felt this way before working with me) who feel like this.

It isn’t fun feeling like this, and at times it’s hard to see a way out.

The good news is, there is a way out.
And it begins with… you guessed it, your money mindset 😉

The State of Mind That Holds You Back

  • “I hate selling, and I’m no good at it. I just wish I didn’t have to do it!”
  • “Selling is bad, and people who are great at selling are bad people!”
  • “I’m not good at asking the right questions, and seem to do nothing but create objections.”
  • “I’m not a salesperson, so it’s okay that I’m not good at it (it’s not my calling)!”
  • “I hate asking for money. I love the work I do, but hate the “selling” aspect of it!”
  • “I’m not even sure my product is good enough to charge the money I want to!”

This is the honest state of most people’s money mindset. They fail before they begin because they’ve given themselves permission to fail. They have a list of excuses before they jump on the call…

Maybe you can relate to some (or all) of the above.

If so, you will never achieve what you want until you flip the script. You’re due an upgrade, and once you give yourself permission to, you’ll replace all that negativity with positivity and abundance.

  • “I’m good at sales, and I believe in what I’m selling. I’m helping the other person succeed!”
  • “People who are good at sales are those who empower others to win big — and I’m one of them!”
  • “I am a salesperson, because sales is a vital part of my business!”
  • “Each time I ask someone for money, it’s an opportunity for me to change their life!”
  • “I believe in my product 100%, because I know the impact it has on those I serve!”

If you want to succeed in business (and life), you need to sell. It doesn’t make you a bad person. If anything, it makes you incredible. Because you care enough to create something that changes lives.

If you want to finally give yourself permission to remove all that pain (and rid those B.S. excuses), keep reading because this article breaks down how you can upgrade your money mindset.

Once you do you will:

  • Wake up each day with an abundant outlook of freedom and success…
  • Have more money and more time, needing to stress and worry A LOT less…
  • Gain levels of confidence you never thought possible (allowing you to impact more people)…
  • Close more sales, change more lives and work a whole lot less …

I can’t say I’m someone who believes in miracles. But upgrading your money mindset is as close to a miracle as you can get. It flips the script, turning a scared negative, person into a confident, positive winner.

Where (and how) Your Money Mindset is Born…

So, where does your money mindset come from? How is it born?

Well, there’s a lot of science that goes into that. And seeing as though I’m no scientist, I won’t go into it all.

What’s important to appreciate right now is that your money mindset began to form long-ago. All the way back to when you were an infant, you started to form beliefs that you carry with you today.

Some of these beliefs are great, and form your values, morals and so much more…
But some of these beliefs are limiting, and often prevent you from even trying.

When it comes to money, most people have far more limiting beliefs than positive ones.

  • An argument between your parents about money, when you were a little kid.
  • What they taught you at school, about getting a job and having a career.
  • The way society plays a massive role in how you see money…

Think about it, society as a whole brings you up to fear money. You’re told to treasure it, because as soon as it comes it goes out again.

Go to school, get a degree, find a safe job with a ladder to climb…
Save the money you get for a house, car and maybe, if you’re lucky, an annual vacation…

You’re told money is scarce, which is often why your life is scarce. Yet the truth is, there’s an abundance of money out there — literally trillions, waiting for you to grab your piece.

Sure, we’re brought up to believe money is important, but we’re also told we’ll never have enough of it. Those who do are lucky and have some secret talent you never will. YOU will suffer and struggle your entire life. YOU won’t be part of that 1% who doesn’t have to worry about money.

  • Were you taught about investing at school, and how to turn $1 into $100?
  • Were you brought up to believe there’s an abundance of money and opportunity in the world?
  • Were you shown the massive impact money can have on you and those you serve?

For most people, the answer is no. Is it any wonder the majority have all these mental blocks that hold them back. Are you surprised that your money mindset isn’t what it could (or should) be?

Hell no!

If you want to upgrade your money mindset, you need to first take a step back and think about the past. I’m not saying your parents did a bad job, or the school system failed you. What I’m trying to say is that you formed certain beliefs around money long ago, and many of them DO NOT serve you today.

Once you’re aware of where you are, you can then take the steps to get you to where you want to be…

A Fixed vs Growth Money Mindset

If you have a fixed mindset, you believe you either have what it takes or not.
People are either good at sales or they are bad at sales. Sound familiar?

Whereas someone with a growth mindset doesn’t believe anything is set in stone.
You can learn and improve, and through hard work and commitment, you can master almost anything.

If you want to achieve success (especially in sales), you need a growth money mindset. But this goes against so much of what they taught you growing up.

Go to school…
Get a stable job…
Climb the ladder…
Save for retirement…

One day, if you’re lucky, you’ll get to enjoy a little time and freedom.
But until then, you must exchange your time (and lots of it) for money.

This is a scarcity driven, a fixed outlook that does nothing but create fear around money.

You’re scared you’ll never have enough. So, you say yes to things you should say no to. You approach certain situations (like a sales call) stressed, worried and full of self-doubt.

You feel like you’ve failed before you’ve had a chance to begin.

It’s time to step outside your comfort zone and embrace a new personality, and welcome abundance into your life…

The Role Abundance Has on Your Money Mindset

With a growth money mindset, you see life in a new light.

It’s no longer black or white. You don’t have to choose freedom or money. You don’t have to swap money for time. You’re not either good at sales or not. You can have both. There’s enough to go around.

You can and will get better, but you must commit to it!

This simple change in your money mindset gives you the power to see selling as a good thing.

  • It gives you confidence in both yourself and your business/service/product.
  • It gives you permission to sell to anyone you believe you can help (with zero guilt).
  • It gives you belief in what you offer, which means selling no longer feels fake or hard.

You start showing up each day with both hands, no longer with one tied behind your back. It doesn’t matter how many sales tricks you learn or what scripts you memorize, without the right money mindset you’ll never reach that top 1%.

Hell, without the right money mindset you’ll never reach the top 10%!

What Happens Next (hint: you get to choose) …

What happens next is on you.

You don’t get to choose how you were brought up, or what limiting beliefs you developed as a young child. You don’t even get to choose what sort of impact society had on you and your beliefs.

Is this easy? No. It may be the hardest thing you’ll ever do.

But if you want to become a successful, high-ticket closer who lives the good life, you only have one choice. When I work with a new client, this is the picture I paint them. I can help them, and show them what to do next… but they have to commit to themselves.

I cannot do it for them, and I cannot do it for you.

I don’t know your exact situation, but I’m confident in saying it’s your money mindset that holds you back.

  • Your limiting beliefs…
  • Your fear of failure…
  • Your fear of success…
  • The stuff you cannot see, but you know deep down holds you back…

I have yet to work with a single person who doesn’t have some major mindset blocks like these to overcome. Every person I’ve seen go from a poor (or even good) salesperson to a great one, only did so after they first worked on their money mindset.

It lays the foundation and sets you up for success.
So all those tips and tricks you love to read about actually work.

Personally, I learned this the hard way. I spent years fighting my ego and coming up with excuses. I would take a few steps forward followed by a few steps back. I did okay. I made some good money.

But I never felt like I had enough.
I woke up each day frustrated, knowing I had more to give.

Life was a rollercoaster of ups and downs.

Like a yo-yo, my emotions have been through it all — a luxury lifestyle of travel, fast cars, and fancy boats to surviving off of cans of soup buried back in my office starting over. I stayed in this state because I didn’t give myself permission to break free of it.

Eventually I found some great mentors who forced me to see what I needed to. The person I am today compared to who I was back then… it’s hard to fathom it’s the same guy. My hope is this article opens your eyes like my mentors opened mine.

If it has, you have two options.

First off, I want to make sure you leave today with some truly valuable and transformative information.

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