Life has been a tough one…Those of you who know me, know my story, those of you who don’t have probably seen it on my videos or maybe even caught a podcast or two and heard it that way. From an early age, I was put through the ringer. Diagnosed ADD/ADHD, told I would fail over and over. I actually failed grade 1…who fails grade one right? This guy. I also failed grade 9…Can you imagine the complex a kid gets having to go through this? I guess being told something enough makes it your reality. Goes to show what you believe, you become. Ahh CLICK!

I started to shift my way of thinking. I started to believe I could really be something. In a nutshell (because this is about business not my life story) I made my way to University, was on the Dean’s list, was a 2-time collegiate athlete, and graduated with honors. (I told myself and my professors that I had a tough time with school but I was 100% committed to passing. I showed up 10 minutes early for EVERY class and I sat in the front row…do you think this would make them want to help me succeed?) I then went on to becoming the number one sales rep for the largest pharmaceutical company. Among many other things…Was it easy?? Hell no! But I made that decision. I believed in myself. It sounds cheesy but I truly did. I kept that belief system alive during my entry into entrepreneurship. Hours spent in front of my computer, my significant other bringing me water and dinner because I literally wouldn’t eat or drink all day and I didn’t have the time to sit and enjoy dinner with her. (The benefits of ADD/ADHD) That’s hard. (Find yourself a strong and supportive partner-it pays off in the end) Friends and family who know me well and see the successful life I am now living have asked me what I would do differently if I could start over…if all that suffering and all those long hours in the office were worth it to have what I have today. OBVIOUSLY. However! There sure were times when I was in the thick of it and things were failing that I almost tapped out. The best thing about those times is I now know what to tell people to never do. Somethings were such a complete waste of money and time but at least I can pay it forward and save my clients from making the same mistakes.

I didn’t have the luxury of coming from a rich family, I had no safety net. When I made a wrong decision or a wrong turn, I paid the price. (Banks will only lend you so much until you are ON YOUR OWN) Anyway, I went through a lot of shit but it’s all part of the journey I guess.

Someone once told me that to become great, you must make mistakes. Learn from them, and grow. I feel like the pricier the mistake, the bigger lesson learned! Lessons that are the most painful seem to have the biggest impact though I can tell you for sure. You can’t learn those lessons from a book or video. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned outside of the business world that’s bigger than all of us, is that real character isn’t built when you’re at the top, it’s easy to have good character when your winning, however, it’s a whole different ballgame to have character when you’re at the bottom. During my professional sports career and in my business life, it didn’t matter whether is I was losing as an individual or as part of a team, or going bankrupt in business, this is where my true character began.

We are made to think we all need to have years of education to be successful. What business coach or thought leader out there has been through what I’ve been through? (One hell of a lot more than my nutshell version in this blog FYI) I have started 5 business from scratch and always come back and risen to whatever occasion life throws at me, I always make it work. Why? Because I made that decision, I have hardwired my brain to never give up. I have learned from my mistakes and I have grown and excelled. I don’t say this to brag. Because of my story, I am now here to serve people on a level that no other marketing/business/high-ticket sales coach can. I don’t cushion things for people. What you see is what you get. I make people stop producing excuses and start producing results. Plain and simple. This is what makes people wealthy, happy, and provides them with the options I wrote about in my last blog. It is these pains I have endured that have qualified me to give advice. Its these hardships that have given me an insiders edge so to speak, on how to help like-minded individuals who, like me, are triangles that society wants to shove into a square hole. Follow me?

Don’t be a square! Embrace your different thought process. You don’t have to live a life where you build someone else’s dream company. Get going on yours.