People think that selling is about manipulation or trickery, talking someone into making a purchase they may not benefit from. The sales person stereotype has become the image of a slick, con artist convincing people to buy what they’re selling, to buy things they do not need. This is wrong. Smooth talking someone into buying your product or service is so far from what a successful sales person is about and it is difficult and requires manipulation. When poor morals come into play, a very unhealthy relationship is built and is guaranteed not to last.

Once this prospect has purchased from you based on coercion, they will only harbor feelings of resentment and dissatisfaction. This will only ensure negative implications.

The problem

Both sides of the fence have a skewed view and jaded opinion. The prospect is defensive, thinking that they are just being sold, they are just another number, and that the sales person is just trying to make money off them selling them a product they do not need. The bigger problem is that stereotypes come from somewhere and most sales people have this same view. They think that success comes from convincing people to buy what they’re selling despite the prospect not wanting or needing it. This mentality will send the sales person down a path of mistrust, bad reputation, and failure.

Change perspective

Stop talking anyone and everyone into buying off you. Start fine tuning your prospects into people that actually want and have a need for your product or service. This will send any sales person in a much more positive and productive direction. This might sound like it’s easier said than done. Wouldn’t you just want to reach out to and convince as many people as possible? No. Your time is valuable. 80% of your calls to people that are not interested is simply wasting your time. You could be spending that time finding the prospects that need you. (Ask me about seeking out promising prospects on my Facebook Group “Real Sales Real Talk”)

Here are a few steps to help you get going on the path to quality prospects.

Don’t try to sell to everybody

You must find a particular type of prospect. One of the most common mistakes a sales person can make is that they try and sell to everyone. Like I stated above, this can and will waste your time. When your pursuing the wrong leads, the right ones are getting away, and they are buying from your competition.

Qualify people

I love this one. It is perfectly ok to make sure that who you are spending your time on will be worth it for you. Once you have a vision of who your prospect is, this is who you will be spending your valuable time on. Pursue them, meet with them, nurture this relationship.

To do this, you must pre-qualify your prospects. Make an assessment to determine if this is an ideal prospect. Do your research, come up with a script where you are asking them the right questions. Find their pain. If you are offering a service, let them know that you only take serious committed clients. If they have a feeling of scarcity and something being elite, they will want in. (This is true in high-ticket selling) When you begin to assess them, the tables turn and they want to prove themselves. You can even openly tell them that if they are a good fit, you will consider working with them. Market your service or product as a privilege.

Know the difference between those that need, and those that need right now

It really doesn’t matter if someone qualifies as your ideal prospect. It is not a done deal until the fee is paid. Just because someone is the perfect fit, needs what your offering, and qualifies, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they need it right now. Many prospects need what you have but could be locked into another contract, have just purchased something similar that they are dissatisfied with so now can’t afford it, or they simply do not have the budget for another 6 months to a year.

This isn’t the end of the world. Keep them in that pipeline and follow up. When your business starts to flow, and it will, you will have a full pipeline of follow ups and you will be closing deal after deal.

Important: implement the right tools and strategies to remain fresh in their minds. Just because they aren’t buying from you now, doesn’t mean that when they are ready, they won’t remember you. Be authentic and genuine. If you keep people’s best business interests in mind, the universe will deliver. You will be successful. Always follow up!!!

Make it all about those that need you right now:

Now that we have identified who you will spend your time on, focus on only them. They want what you have, they have a pain that you can provide a solution to. Do you think you will have to use trickery now? No. They are looking for a change and they want that change to happen now. If you execute the sales process properly (We can talk about this process in Real Sales Real Talk) closing your prospect will almost take care of itself and will be easier than you think.

What have we learned?

If you go for the masses, you probably will end up having to use the trickery and manipulation we have discussed earlier. Don’t be that sales person. Your time is valuable. If you apply your expertise and focus on those qualified individuals that need what you have and they need it now, selling becomes a breeze, and you won’t have to resort to being s sneaky trickster to be successful. If you’re thinking to yourself “Well what if I don’t have enough people in my pipeline so I sort of have to sell to everybody” Check out my blog on “How to build a Sales Pipeline from Scratch.” You do not have to make it a difficult thing. There are steps to take that might take time but you always have to just focus on those that are a good fit as well as the ones that need your service or product now, and you will not have to pull tricks out of your sleeve. You will get better at differentiating your ideal prospects from everyone else. When you are able to do this, you have upped your level of awareness. When you begin to walk away from poor quality leads, you will end up saving yourself so much time that would have otherwise been wasted. Putting that saved time and effort into finding better prospects will ensure that your pipeline is always full of hot leads and ideal clients.